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Mice are considered a serious threat to property and life, as they can cause serious damage to both. Mice look for places with adequate food and water. They also breed better in places that are filled with clutter, as these provide for the perfect hiding. These miscreants have a very high reproduction rate and can hence grow from a few mice into a whole infestation in just a few months.

If you notice or sight any mice in your surroundings, it is best to approach professionals to help you with the extermination process.

We at Exterminator Markham can assist you with mice control and extermination to get rid of these pesky pests for good. Our experts professionally tackle these problems, giving you, your family and your employees a rodent free environment. Call us at 647-496-5755 and one of our licensed and trained exterminators will inspect your property to provide you with a customized solution to suit your need.

Mice Problems and Proper Mouse Control Markham

Mice can pass through tiny holes and cracks and can even balance on wires and pipes. This makes it rather easy for them to escape when chased after. Hence, it is almost impossible to catch these pests.

Some people try to eradicate mice with the use of DIY extermination methods. But these methods are not very effective and mice keep finding ways to come back. Hence, if you notice a rodent infestation on your property, it is advisable to call the professional to do the job of effective extermination. Professional mouse control Markham exterminators can guarantee that once exterminated, the mice will not return.

Types of Mice

There are many different species of mice in Canada, but the top three species that constitute major pest problems are the house mouse, wood mouse, and deer mouse.

House mouse (Mus musculus)

The house mouse is the most common mouse species found in people’s homes. Although house mice are of Central Asia origin, they are found all over the world, including Canada. They are very active all year round and can invade your home or business at any time.

A house mouse is gray, brown, or black in color, but the belly is usually lighter than the rest of the body. An adult mouse can weigh about 12 to 30 grams, and the length from the nose to the tip of the tail can be up to 20 cm. The droppings are cylindrical in shape and pointed at both ends.

The house mouse usually lives in a ground burrow but can also climb. Its preferred food is cereals and can eat about 3g a day. The female can give birth to six or more each time and can have about 8 litters a year. It takes about 12 weeks for a young mouse to grow to sexual maturity.

Wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)

Also known as the field mice, the wood mice normally live in the bushes and farms, where they can be a threat to farmers. Although it rarely enters people’s homes, it can invade sheds and storage houses during the winter months, in search of shelter and food.

The fur on its head and back is sandy or orange-brown in color, but at the flanks, the fur is yellowish. The belly is white, while the chest has a small streak of yellow. Adult wood mice measure about 15 to 20 cm in length and weigh about 20 to 25 grams.

Deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus)

A deer mouse likes to live in places with a lot of vegetation and piles of rocks or firewood. It may enter into people’s homes, cabins, and barns during the winter months.

The mouse’s body and the tail are brownish-red at the top and whitish at the underbelly. Its body is round and slender, measuring about 7 to 10 cm, while the tail measures about 5 to 13 cm.

Deer mice are usually nocturnal, and they are very good at climbing. They tend to stay in attics and upper parts of a building. The females can breed about two to four times a year, and the young ones can reach sexual maturity in seven to eight weeks.

Unmarked Vehicles

Mouse Infestation

Mice are only visible, in and around the house, in counts of one or two. However, there is likely to be a bigger infestation on your property and you would be completely unaware about it. Mice do not roam around in hordes, so it is difficult to decipher the actual count that has infested the property. Only an expert exterminator will be able to estimate the size of the infestation after proper inspection of the property.

Mice are carriers of various dangerous parasites. These parasites, when they come in contact with a host, can cause great harm to health. Even rodent excreta are a carrier of diseases. This makes your surrounding unclean and this could lead to some serious illnesses.

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Entry Points and Effective Mouse Control Markham

There are many ways a mouse can enter your home, and as a matter of fact, it only needs an entry point as big as the size of its head to make an entry into your home. Here are the common mouse entry points you may have in your home:

Open doors or windows: It is very common to leave the doors or windows open for ventilation, especially during the hot and cold weather. If there are mice around, they can easily enter without you knowing.

Vents: There are likely to be many vents in your house serving one or two purposes. Examples include the gable vents, oven vents, and plumbing vents. Most times, these vents are closed with a wire mesh, but the mesh can pull out, leaving the place open for mice to enter.

Cable holes: A mouse is small enough to squeeze itself through the holes made for cables. It’s possible the mice you see in your home may be making their entry through the cable holes.

Air conditioner fittings: Air conditioner pipes need large holes, and if the holes are not well sealed after fitting the unit, it can leave gaps for mice to enter.

Roof holes: Some mice can climb trees and vines to sneak into attics and upper floors through holes on the roof.

Door or window frame gaps: One of the most likely places through which a mouse will enter your home is the gaps left by poorly fitting doors and windows. A common one is the garage door, but any door or window can have gaps.

Wall holes: There can be small holes in the walls of your building. Most times, the holes appear on their own due to normal wear and tear. But with their strong teeth, mice can burrow their way into your home by creating tiny openings near the ground.

Do you need a pest control professional to make your home mouse proof?

Eradication and Mouse Control Markham

We provide you with affordable extermination solutions to suit your requirement. Our extermination services are guaranteed as we only use the most powerful and effective rodenticides to exterminate mice. So, if your home or office is being invaded by these unwanted pests, call us at 647-496-5755 and we would be happy to help!

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