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Ants, as tiny as they are, tend to infest your home, office and gardens and invade your personal space and while these social insects breed in colonies, their total count in a single colony could go up to a few thousand. Ants are a lot like bees and wasps. The similarity is in the way they infest. On an ant-infested property, you will often see a trail of ants around your kitchen or other places that has access to food items. Ants only attack when they feel threatened, and this could even happen if the host simply steps in their path or are around their nest. They attack in hordes and their bites leave a nasty rash that itches and sometimes even gives a burning sensation.

We at Exterminator Markham offer ant control and extermination in Markham. We can help you get rid of your ant infestation problems. Call us at 647-496-5755 today and book an appointment today!

Ant Colonies

Ants live in colonies. Killing a few ants in sight will not end your infestation issues. If you need to exterminate ants, it is the nest you need to get rid of. Like bees, ants too have a queen in each colony. The queen rules the nest, while the worker ants bring food and supplies to the nest. The male ants’ sole purpose it to breed with the queen. These males die within a couple of weeks after mating and the ones you see hard at work are the worker ants that go about their duties diligently. Unfortunately for us, ant bites can cause serious rashes, swelling and itching and can even cause a serious case of skin irritation.

There are different types of ants that infest properties. There are carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants and more. Carpenter ants are larger in size and are usually black in colour. They tend to infest wooden buildings as they build their colonies in wooden structures or trees. So whether it’s your home or office that these ants infest, they can cause damage to your building and furniture. It is vital to find out the type of ants infesting your property before treating it. Hence, it is best to seek professional help to guarantee that these pests are being treated with the right products so that they do not return to your property.

carpenter ant damage

The Danger of Ant Colonies

Ants can create their colonies anywhere they think is conducive for them. Depending on the type of ant, this may include the damp wooden doors, damp woods around your dishwasher, the pavements and patios, furniture, and walls. In spite of their small size, ants can cause a lot of damage, and here are some of them:

Structural damage

Carpenter ants and some other species of ant can be very destructive. The carpenter ants are known for making cavities in wooden structures. They actually don’t eat the woods, but they chew through them to create their colonies. The excavated woods are then easily decomposed by natural decomposers, such as fungi and other insects.

The fact that carpenter ants target damp and softened woods means that a carpenter ant infestation may indicate more serious damage, probably a leaking sink or roof. Apart from carpenter ants, other ants can also cause some structural damage.

Food wastage

Ants can get into your food supplies, as they search for what to feed on. The problem is not just that they feast on the food, but they can also contaminate it. When this happens, you may end up throwing the food away. The implication is food wastage and a potential food shortage.

Risk to humans

Some species of ants, such as the pharaoh ants and fire ants, can bite, and the bite can be very painful. Apart from the bite being painful, some people may be allergic to the substance the ants inject into the body and may develop some reactions, including anaphylaxis. Moreover, if you have kids and pets, they may be at an increased danger since they may not know what to do.

Other species may not bite, but they may carry and spread infections; they can contaminate your food. Some of the diseases that can be spread by ants include salmonella infections and dysentery.

So if you are battling with an ant infestation, find a solution for it now.

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Types of Ants

There are many species of ants, but these are the most common.


Carpenter Ants Extermination

Carpenter ants are one of the largest ants in Canada. The worker ants can measure from 6 to 13 mm, while the queen ants can measure more than 25 mm. They are mostly black in color but some may be dark brown or reddish-brown.

Carpenter ants can feed on a variety of food, including other insects. They are named carpenter ants because of their habit of excavating into dead woods. The ants tend to have a main colony and satellite colonies, and when indoors, they prefer to nest in damp wooden cabinet around dishwashers or door frames.

To successfully exterminate carpenter ants requires experience and skills. It means tracking all the satellite colonies both inside and outside the house and treating them with appropriate solutions.

Pavement Ants Extermination

Pavement ants measure about 2.5 to 3 mm and have fine parallel lines on the head and thorax. Their color range from light brown to black, with the legs being lighter than the rest of the body. Pavement ants derive their name from their preference to nest underneath slabs, patios, sidewalks, and driveways.

Their colonies can be controlled with ant baits, but this may not guarantee long-term relief. If baits don’t work, there may be a need to drill into the soil and treat their nests directly.

Pharaoh Ants Extermination

Pharaoh ants are very small, measuring about 2 mm in length. Their bodies are yellow in color and have red and black marks on the abdomen. They can form their colonies in the wall, furniture, or anywhere that provide protection.

Pharaoh ants are one of the most dangerous ant species in Canada because they feed on blood and flesh and can spread diseases to pets and humans.

The best way to exterminate these ants is by using an appropriate bait that the colonies can feed on. Worker ants are often the target.


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Why You Need Professional Ant Control Markham

We at Ant Control Markham provide you with affordable and long-lasting solutions. Our skilled exterminators can detect the type of ants infesting your property and treat it accordingly. We use the best and most effective products and guarantee that we can exterminate and control the infestation of ants so that they do not return.

Call us at 647-496-5755 and we will help you get rid of your ant problems. Our exterminators are licensed to provide you with the best solutions.

Ant Control Markham Solutions

Ant Control Markham offers the best solution to all types of ants infestation in Markham and other surrounding areas. We are specialists in finding the source of the infestation and treating it with the right materials that will ensure complete extermination and long-term relief.

We use so many techniques to track the ants to all their colonies, including the main colony and the satellite colonies. We do this to make sure that no colony is left behind so as to ensure complete removal of the ants.

Our technicians make use of proven, environmentally friendly methods to ensure that your property is free of ants. We work in ways that will not expose your family and pets to harmful chemicals. Our technicians use all forms of ant baits to get the queen ants, and if necessary, we drill into the soil where the ants are hiding.

One thing is certain with Ant Control Markham: we don’t rest until you are 100% satisfied. We promise to make your ant issue a thing of the past. We will find the ants wherever they might be and exterminate them —they have no hiding place. Our services are available 24/7, all through the year. Do you have ants in your home or business premises, let’s help you remove them once and for all.

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