Signs of Bed Bugs

Signs of Bed Bugs

Does your neighbor next to your apartment have bed bugs? Or did you recently come back from a hotel filled with them? Bed bugs can travel by person, luggage, or a simple old library book you checked out last month. It doesn’t take much to have these bugs invade your life if they are determined. Therefore, it’s always good to know the signs of bed bugs in case you ever come into contact with them. Read on to learn about some of the common signs you have bed bugs roaming your house so you can respond right away.

4 Common Signs of Bed Bugs

1. Dry Blood Smudges on Walls or Blankets

Dried blood smudges on your walls, mattress, blankets, or comforter could be a huge sign of an infestation of bed bugs. If you find dried blood in your home, it could be a significant sign that bed bugs are plaguing you.

2. Spotting Eggshells

Female bed bugs lay a lot of eggs, so if your house is infested with these insects, your situation might escalate fast. So, you might see some odd white eggs in places where you sleep or in other dark corners of your home.

3. Bites on Your Body

You might find out that you have bed bugs by merely itching your back or arm. These insects will bite into your skin and feed on you for 5 to 10 minutes, so they move around your room with your blood inside their tiny bodies. Bed bug bites aren’t very painful while you slumber in your bed. However, after a while, they can turn into welts when they begin to itch and irritate you. Some people often mistake them for mosquito bites since they can get bigger the more your itch. One way to figure out if they are bed bugs is if there are several bites in one area, which is a sign of bed bugs biting you at night.

4. Spying them Crawling Along Your Bed Covers

If you are a night owl, you might find these tiny insects crawling along your bed covers or the edges of your pillowcase. They usually hide during the day, so catching a glimpse of them at night might be your only chance in figuring out if they are lurking under your mattress. However, if you have a significant infestation of these things, you might see more of them come out during the daylight hours. This should be a sign to gain more professional help before they take over more of your home.

Hiring Professional Pest Control Help

No one wants bed bugs lingering in creases and cracks of your house. A lot of people don’t like knowing bugs are feeding off them in the middle of the night. Therefore, if you think your household is being overrun by these insects, then call a professional pest control group today. Hiring someone to get rid of these bugs is the better alternative to throwing furniture away, spending money on gimmicks that won’t kill them all, or feeling the stress take hold of you. By having an experienced, professional bed bug exterminator Markham company to take control of the situation, you can feel more peaceful in your home and help you wash all those worries away.