How to Prevent Rats in Your House

How to Prevent Rats in Your House

Rats try to seek the warm indoors in the winter, so you should take precautions now to prevent them from entering your home. No one wants to have to deal with these destructive and disease-carrying pests. Learn how you can do this with a few suggestions that could help stop them from infesting your home.

5 Ways to Prevent Rat Infesting Your Home

You probably should call and consult an expert pest control company about some of the things you can do around the house to prevent rats from coming inside your house. However, in the meantime, here are 6 ways you can take action now:

1. Repair Damaged Screens

You might have some broken door and window screens around from your cat climbing them. Before a rat can take advantage of this entry point into your home, try to get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Especially when it starts to get cold since those rats want to get warm. Your place might be their next target.

2. Secure Any Holes Outside your House

People who have holes or cracks on anyplace outside need to have them filled and sealed with steel wood or caul. Also, pipes or other parts that lead into your house need to be inspected to ensure the rats can’t fit into one.

3. Screen In Other Openings in Your Home

Do you have a chimney or unscreened vents in your home? These type of places are another way for rats to come inside. Therefore, try to get someone to screen in that chimney of yours and any other vents that might not have one on.

4. Manage Your Trash Properly

Having a trash can inside your home that isn’t airtight could lead to rats sniffing it out and wanting to come inside your home. To prevent this from happening to get one of those airtight trash cans and throw your trash away on a regular basis. Otherwise, the smell of old and rotten food could reach them when they are crawling near your home.

5. Attics and Basement Care

You can also try to keep your basement, attics, lofts, and other smaller areas dry and ventilated enough. This can prevent a rat from wanting to come inside and staying in your house.

Asking For Professional Help

You might have been too late in preventing them from creeping into your household. If this is the case, you should act quickly and call professional pest control Markham for help. Hiring an experienced pest control expert is always the best solution when a rat infestation begins to take hold of your home. Otherwise, you and your family could be at risk of developing some diseases that they spread through contact, feces, or urine. They can reproduce rather really fast, so take action today if you have a pest problem like this. It will make everyone in your home feel safer and calmer knowing the issue was handled by someone who knows how to get rid of them and prevent any future occurrences from happening.