How to Locate a Carpenter Ant Nest in Your House

Do you think you have carpenter ants living inside your house? Not many people want to have insects living inside their homes. There are ways to figure out where they could be nesting and what you can do about it when you find them. Learn their nesting habits and how to locate them inside your house before they begin multiplying.

Do You Have a Nest in Your House?

These carpenter ants could be hiding in any wood inside your house that might have suffered from moisture damage. Maybe your roof had a leak on the day and caused untold damage to a hidden closet. Events like this could result in carpenter ants crawling inside your home to create their inside nest.

You would think ants would only have one nest for you to look for, but these ants are a little different than you thought. In case you didn’t know, two kinds of carpenter ant nests could plague your home. They are called parent colonies and satellite colonies; however, no matter which type they create in your house, either one will become an issue for you.

How to Find Their Nests?

Oddly enough, carpenter ants don’t actually feed off on wood, but the worker ants do dig through the wood to make channels to create unique nests for other ants. If you leave the ants to their own devices and ignore them, it could escalate and create damage to parts of your house. The more you wait, the larger the infestation will grow and create more and more damage. If you suspect you have carpenter ants in your house, you should act fast before they infest your home and cause more damage than necessary. So, where can you look for these nests of theirs if you found a few crawling on the floor? Since they like making their nest in wet or damaged wood structures , you can often find them in the following areas:
● Chimneys
● Sink Areas
● Door Frames
● Window
● Bath Traps
● Other Wall Voids

Mostly these carpenter ants will find areas where it’s difficult for you to find them. They want spaces that have damp wood, but also places where they can be safe from other predators in your home. However, try to find them before the infestation gets worse.

Need Professional Help?

Whether you think you need professional help or not, hiring an expert in removing those pests nesting in your home can be an excellent idea. They can help relieve some of the stress
carpenter ants can have when you find a nest of them living in a place that’s supposed to be safe. Also, hiring a professional ant control Markham means that you won’t have to deal with continued carpenter ants wreaking havoc on you and your family’s life. Instead, an expert can get rid of these little insects, while you can enjoy your life the way it was before the ants came into the picture. So, hire help today before the carpenter ants take over your household.