How to Get Rats Out of Your Attic

Do you hear rats crawling up in your attic at night? You might want to check to make sure because they can wreak havoc on the wiring up in the attic and could leave their feces all over the floors and any possessions you might have stored up there. This can be bad for your health since rat feces can spread diseases to humans. To learn more about how you can get rid of these destructive rats out of your attic and home.

Lethal Traps

Using lethal traps sounds like it’s inhuman and a terrible way to get those pests out of your home. However, despite the contrary, using these types of traps will actually prevent them from further suffering in their future. You see, if you decide to trap them and letting them off in a field somewhere else, it will only end in dying off anyway. When they aren’t in familiar surroundings, they aren’t able to defend themselves, so they will just die more tragically than a fast, lethal trap. Therefore, maybe you want to try using lethal traps instead. The most commonly effective ones are the traditional snap traps or crocodile traps. They both are excellent devices that will instantly kill the rats without having them suffer through those poisonous and glue traps. Also, you might even end up ruining parts of your attic where they end up dragging the glue through the room. It’s a bigger mess and can all be prevented by using the snap and crocodile traps.

Where to Place the Traps

Now, you might be wondering: where is the most effective place to put these traps? You can begin by searching for feces and smudges on the walls around the attic room. These are the places they tend to be at more than usual. After you’ve done that, just simply incorporate these traps in those areas and wait for the traps to do their job.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Your Attic

When you were searching for those feces, was there a lot of dropping and urine splotches? It could escalate if you don’t hire a professional to take a look at your situation. This is crucial to the health of you and your family since your children or elderly parents could end up being infected by some type of disease the rats are spreading throughout your home.
Whether you decide to hire a professional or not, you should always clean up the rat’s mess with disinfectant to further ensure the safety of your family. This means you should also
vacuum, clean other nests the rats might have made, fixing any other holes the rats could have used to come inside your home. Or if you have curious children, possibly decide to lock the attic door until a professional pest control expert in Markham gets rid of them.

You can reduce the number of rats in your attic by getting these traps and setting them throughout the room. However, the reasons behind why or how they are coming in your house might be reason enough to hire a reputable pest control company to get rid of them all and prevent them from coming in again. Doing it all yourself might be great temporarily, but without addressing why they are coming in, then more might end up infesting your attic.