Carpenter Ant Infestation – Signs

Have you seen signs of carpenter ants infesting your household? It can be an uneasy feeling when discovering that you have a pest infestation. However, there are signs you can be aware of in case this is something that has you worried. You never know when you can put these to good use someday.

4 Signs to Watch Out for

It can be challenging to spot these little insects crawling around your house. Therefore, you need to learn about some of the signs of carpenter ants taking your place of residence. Here are 4 signs you should know or search for once in a while:

1. Wood Shavings

Carpenter ants will leave wood shavings so you can look for this along windowsills, door jams, and other wooded areas. A small pile of wood is a big sign of carpenter ants invading your home since they chew on the wood to make their nests, yet they don’t actually eat the wood itself. This is why wood shavings or sawdust could be around areas they might have claimed in your house.

2. Spying Winged Ants

These carpenter ants are distinguishable by their appearance since they have ants. If you glimpse winged ants crawling along the walls, ceilings, and other creases and cracks along your house, it could be a huge sign you have an infestation of carpenter ants.

3. Evidence of Shedded Wings

These carpenter ants tend to shed their wings in places you might ordinarily find them nesting, such as the windowsills, vents, and other wooded areas in your home. If you see quite a lot, you should take action immediately since you have carpenter ant infestation on your hands. When you act efficiently, this can mean less work for your pest control expert when you call them over to your house.

4. Rustling Sounds

Carpenter ants create nests and live inside the wood that has hollow areas that have been damaged by water or in other ways. This means you might hear rustling sounds echoing from the inside the wooden doors or walls that they are hiding in. This could be disturbing for some people, especially if you think it might be an odd noise to hear inside the walls. However, looking for some of the other signs or spying these creatures around your house will let you figure out that you have carpenter ants infesting your home.

How to Get Rid of Them

You might be wondering: how do you get rid of these type of ants? You could try a couple of DIY home solutions, but these do-it-yourself remedies don’t always work. They also create more stress and worry, trying to get every single ant out of your house. The job can be exhausting and might not always work out in the end.

So, what other options are there? You can hire an experienced ant control expert in Markham who knows precisely how to get the job done right. They can take over the situation since they are experienced and have done that type of work on people’s homes. So, hire an expert from a reputable company today to finally move on with your life ant-free.