Bed Bugs Common Home Remedies

Have you ever heard of bed bugs? These little insects can find their way into your home from a visit to a hotel room to buying a used couch. Read on to learn more about some of the most common home remedies and how you can effectively get rid of them if they get inside your home. However, we recommend you to contact your local pest control Markham company.

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Have you seen tiny bugs crawling over your bed sheets? If you see red blood stains on your mattress or walls, chances are you could have bed bugs lurking in your bedroom or other areas of your household. You should always check the areas of your house by meticulously searching areas such as where you sleep and even the living room. They tend to stay in the areas you sit at night or sleep. Then, you can use some home remedies to help kill some of those bugs.

4 Common Home Remedies You Can Try

Do you want to try some home remedies while you wait for your pest control appointment? Taking action as soon as possible can help prevent a more significant infestation of these types of bugs. Here are 4 common home remedies that you can try in the meantime:

1. You can use rubbing alcohol to kill those creatures. You can use a spray bottle or a rag and wipe down areas in your home they might have frequented. It’s also one of the things that wouldn’t harm your furniture and possessions since you can spray the stuff all over the furniture, wipe picture frames, books, and other places throughout the house.

2. Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth all over your bedroom floors, rugs, or anywhere else that might have those insects crawling on. However, the downfall in using this stuff is making sure you don’t inhale it into your lungs. This means you shouldn’t put it on your bed or mattress since you could end up inhaling the tiny particles into your body. It can become harmful if you don’t know how to use it properly.

3. You could also vacuum your house, but that doesn’t always get all of them. Instead, steam cleaning your home proves to be more effective since both eggs and bugs will die at a high temperature of 140 degrees. Then again, you also have to go out an buy a steam cleaner that could fail to get all the bugs and eggs.

4. Washing your clothes with hot water and drying with high heat can also be an effective home remedy for you to try. However, you might want to use plastic bags in the meantime after each wash to prevent them from coming back and clinging to your clothes and blankets.

Seeking Professional Help

Are you ready to try some of the home remedies listed above? They could help reduce the number of bed bugs; however, these types of treatments will take a long time to be sufficient
enough to get all those bugs out of your household.

Home remedies can be significant in getting your clothes and blankets clear from the bugs, but they will only come back since they will hide in the cracks of your floors, inside your walls, or other places they can use darkness and small spaces to their advantage. If you decide to seek professional help today, it can reduce all that stress of figuring out what works on carpet or inside your walls. Instead, a pest control expert can more effectively get rid of those annoying bed bugs without wasting all your time and energy on home remedies that might not work.