What Attracts Carpenter Ants in a Home?

What Attracts Carpenter Ants in a Home?

Are you a little worried you might have carpenter ants roaming around your home? You might have seen a couple of them wandering around the house. Learn more about what attracts carpenter ants to your house and how you can get rid of them.

What Makes Carpenter Ants Seek Your House?

If it’s been raining recently and you have wood throughout your house, these carpenter ants might target your home next. Why is this? They like to enter your house through wet or
damaged wood. However, this isn’t the only way they like to break into your household. They also use any kind of crack or opening that surrounds windows, doors, or anything else that can allow them entry.

There are two types of carpenter ant nests: parent nests and satellite nests. Satellite nests are unique since they can live off on dryer areas, which means that they might create their nests in odd places such as a hollow door, wall, or even use insulation in your attic or loft.

How to Prevent Them from Coming Inside

There are always ways to prevent carpenter ants or other pests from sneaking inside your home. If you are serious about taking precautions, then you can start by fixing any water leaks and making sure there’s not standing water in any of the areas outside your home. If water from the leak or standing water starts to rot the wood around your home, this could allow carpenter ants to think an invitation is being made to come inside and nest.

Another essential thing you can do is merely getting all the screens on your doors and windows replaced or repaired. Any gaps they can find like a big hole in an old screen could have them coming in without warning.

Do you have a fireplace? If you tend to use firewood, make sure you store the firewood away from your house. They could make a nest inside a piece of wood when it gets damp enough for them and bringing it in the house will likely spread the carpenter ants throughout your home. Especially if you make a habit of leaving the firewood in another part of the house until you use them. This will only cause more ant infestations if you keep bringing more and more inside your home.

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

If your carpenter ant problem is getting out of control, then you might want to consider getting professional help. An experienced pest control expert can quickly fix your problem with any ant infestations.

You could try a few Do-It-Yourself home remedies, but chances are you won’t be able to get all of the ants. There are always little spots or places that you could miss, creating more stress and havoc on your family when they come back again.

Don’t let them take over your life and worry your family members. Contact our experienced ant control Markham company today to see when they can fix the issue for you because they know how to deal with these type of situations.