Mice are considered a serious threat to property and life, as they can cause serious damage to both. Mice look for places with adequate food and water. They also breed better in places that are filled with clutter, as these provide for the perfect hiding. These miscreants have a very high reproduction rate and can hence grow from a few mice into a whole infestation in just a few months.

If you notice or sight any mice in your surroundings, it is best to approach professionals to help you with the extermination process.

We at Mouse Control Markham can assist you to get rid of these pesky pests for good. Our experts professionally tackle these problems, giving you, your family and your employees a rodent free environment. Call us at 647-496-5755 and one of our licensed and trained exterminators will inspect your property to provide you with a customized solution to suit your need.

Mice Problems

These nimble creatures can pass through tiny holes and cracks and can even balance on wires and pipes. This makes it rather easy for them to escape when chased after. Hence, it is almost impossible to catch these pests.

Some people try to eradicate mice with the use of DIY extermination methods. But these methods are not very effective and mice keep finding ways to come back. Hence, if you notice a rodent infestation on your property, it is advisable to call the professional to do the job of an effective extermination. Professional exterminators can guarantee that once exterminated, the mice will not return.

Mouse Infestation

Mice are only visible, in and around the house, in counts of one or two. However, there is likely to be a bigger infestation on your property and you would be completely unaware about it. Mice do not roam around in hordes, so it is difficult to decipher the actual count that has infested the property. Only an expert exterminator will be able to estimate the size of the infestation after proper inspection of the property.

Mice are carriers of various dangerous parasites. These parasites, when they come in contact with a host, can cause great harm to health. Even rodent excreta are a carrier of diseases. This makes your surrounding unclean and this could lead to some serious illnesses.

Eradication and Control

We provide you with affordable extermination solutions to suit your requirement. Our extermination services are guaranteed as we only use the most powerful and effective rodenticides to exterminate mice. So, if your home or office is being invaded by these unwanted pests, call us at 647-496-5755 and we would be happy to help!