Ants, as tiny as they are, tend to infest your home, office and gardens and invade your personal space and while these social insects breed in colonies, their total count in a single colony could go up to a few thousands. Ants are a lot like bees and wasps. The similarity being in the way they infest. On an ant-infested property, you will often see a trail of ants around your kitchen or other places that has access to food items. Ants only attack when they feel threatened, and this could even happen if the host simply steps in their path or are around their nest. They attack in hordes and their bites leave a nasty rash that itches and sometimes even gives a burning sensation.

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Ant Colonies

Ants live in colonies. Killing a few ants in sight will not end your infestation issues. If you need to exterminate ants, it is the nest you need to get rid of. Like bees, ants too have a queen in each colony. The queen rules the nest, while the worker ants bring food and supplies to the nest. The male ants’ sole purpose it to breed with the queen. These males die within a couple of weeks after mating and the ones you see hard at work are the worker ants that go about their duties diligently. Unfortunately for us, ant bites can cause serious rashes, swelling and itching and can even cause a serious case of skin irritation.

There are different types of ants that infest properties. There are carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants and more. Carpenter ants are larger in size ad are usually black in color. They tend to infest wooden buildings as they build their colonies in wooden structures or trees. So whether it’s your home or office that these ants infest, they can cause damage to your building and furniture. It is vital to find out the type of ants infesting your property before treating it. Hence, it is best to seek professional help to guarantee that these pests are being treated with the right products so that they do not return to your property.

Reliable Extermination Treatment

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